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This page is dedicated to sharing resources of Ho’oponopono that has really helped me stay committed to the process of cleaning ceaselessly.

Why Ho’oponopono?

From all the spiritual practices I’ve tried including the presence process by Michael Brown, Power of Now by Eckart Tolle, EFT, & more. I’ve found that the teaching of hoponopono has the most comprehensive understanding of the human predicament that which we call our “problems” or “issues” and how to set ourselves free from them.

With the prayer of: I’m Sorry, Please Forgive Me, I Love You, Thank You

I am finally seeing long term habitual, addictive patterns of self-deprecating thoughts & behavioral patterns that for so long I’ve identified with, slowly let go of its grip.

One of the greatest insights that come out of Ho’oponopono and Dr. Ihaleakala Hew Len for me which is greatly contributing to the success of this process is the realization that:

  • Human intellect or the mind really has no clue what is going on, we are only aware of 15 bits of information per second when the subconscious is dealing with at least 15 million or more. All we can really do is petition to divinity and divinity knows exactly what memories or data need to be addressed to bring resolution to the problems as long as we are willing to take 100% responsibility and say “I love you”. This realization brings about tremendous relief & peace to the human mind because we can now catch ourselves when we are trying to analyze, cope, manipulate our thoughts, words, action & deeds in order to deal with an arising problem, instead we can now make the choice to disengage from that and give our problems up to God.
  • All problem is the result of data or memories replaying in the subconscious
  • You have the power to influence any & all problems that come into your consciousness by working on yourself

The wonder of it all is as you work on yourself, & divinity erases that data, it comes off the whole cosmos.

Your entire family lineage is affected.

You are essentially changing history.

The challenge is that there are billions of data out there, so sometimes it can seem like this process is not working when really what is truly occurring is that you are working on layers upon layers of this stuff. This took me a long time to really “get”.

This is how Dr. Hew Len explained it.

Let’s say you have an issue of your child having skin problems. You work on this data you are experiencing of your daughter having the skin problem, let’s say this data has the code 3689493.

As divinity erases that memory 3689493, it has to also come off of your daughter and so her skin problem goes away.

Now the wonder of this process is that the data 3689493 gets erased from every drop of water, every molecule of the rocks, trees, animals, the planet & entire cosmos.

What the mother that did the hooponopono doesn’t realize is that the as the skin problem of her daughter got resolved, and the data 3689493 came off the cosmos, some mother in Africa is now having an easier time with her birth.

Dr. Hew Len says this is the kind of potency you have when you become 100% responsible.

If we truly knew how serious this whole thing is and how much it affects anything & everything all around us, I think we would be more like Dr. Ihaleakala in that we would know the importance of cleaning & erasing data non stop.

Dr. Hew Len’s story of healing an entire psych ward just by simply working on himself is a true eye opener and inspiration of what is possible. However that is not the only story out there that displays the reality of “As Within, So Without”

That our outer reality is an exact reflection of our inner world.

Yet it is so easy to forget this truth. I still catch myself thinking I have to DO something OUT there.

The truth is, I knew about Ho’oponopono for a while but I’ve not stuck with it consistently until at one point I realized I’ve completely fallen off the practice and life became troublesome again which led me back to the practice once again, realizing now that there is simply more data to clear and the ego has a sneaky way of creeping back in with its notion that “I know better”.

Hindsight is 20/20 they say, this whole process of learning hooponopono and the importance of disengaging with the mind versus being stuck again in the story, & the woes of our life and engaging with our drama and pain and the chaos, has been going on now for over 7 years. I’m now 27, I am finally coming to some understandings about life.

  • Nothing real actually changes when we use our intellectual mind to analyze & do something about a problem.
  • Most of the time we are clueless

Also I’m starting to understand the importance of continually immersing our intellect with ho’opnoopono resources so that we are always reminded about the importance of cleaning ceaselessly.

I realized that even Dr. Hew Len was hanging out with Morrnah N. Simeona for 10 years.

Mabel Katz has also hung out with Dr. Hew Len for many years, she claims to have taken over 200 seminars with him. She says there is always something more that your mind didn’t get the first time. And she is right. This has to be my fourth time through Hooponopono and the insights I am getting is deeper than ever before, even though back then my mind thought it knew what this was all about.

For me this is why investing in more resources that can serve as continuous reminders about the power of this work has been critical for me. And I feel it is taking my practice to the next level, insights are sinking in deeper, etc.

The free resources on Youtube is great, but after you watched them so many times the intellect can become bored of them.

Here are some of my favorite resources that you will not find on Youtube. Some of you may have not known that these footage & audio clips even exists. I’ve purchased a lot of personal development products over the years but nothing quite compares to Dr. Hew Len’s wisdom. I put his material at the very top, to me the following resources are truly priceless.

Dr. Ihaleakala Hew Len interviews that contain potent insights and incredible, multi-dimensional stories by the man himself.